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Our aim is to support the healthy future for the kids of all ages through play!

Our History

If it’s not useful, completely safe and long-lasting —we don’t make it.

Since July 2007, Ortodon group of companies has been operating worldwide, specializing in orthopedic products, including orthopedical mats: Ortodon.


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Our Story

Ortodon started as a medical center for people with spinal issues. Doctors concluded nearly half of these issues were connected to flat feet. It sparked us to look at this problem from a different angle and prevent it from the start.

That is how Orthopedical mats were born! Most issues related to the spine are a direct cause of flat feet. By preventing flat feet from occurring, we can avoid more than 50% of spinal issues.

Ortodon company was presented for the first time at the international exhibition of goods for children “KIND + JUGEND” (Germany), “Childhood” (Kazakhstan) in 2018. Now Ortodon mats are selling WORLDWIDE providing the true solution for flat feet among children. 

Remember the golden rule: it is always easier to prevent than to cure!